Learn From A-Z Exactly What To Expect If You Are Injured In An Accident.
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Being injured in an accident is a scary thing which is why North Carolina personal injury attorney is here to lay out exactly what you can expect as you go through that process.
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Elizabeth "Libby" Grimes - Meet Your Attorney
Libby Grimes is a highly experienced and respected personal injury attorney in North Carolina. After recovering numerous high-dollar settlements, Libby was awarded the prestigious honor of becoming a lifetime member of the million dollar and multi-million dollar advocates forum. After beginning her career on the defendant's side of injury claims, Libby's greatest asset is her knowledge of the tactics insurance companies will try to use to get lower than desired settlement payouts. Since she practiced for over 10 years on that side of cases, her strategies allow her to stay one step ahead of the insurance companies and ensure her clients are receiving maximum recovery for their injuries.
In This Guide You Are Going To Discover
Our goal is to help you make a smart legal decision and make sure you know what to expect in the upcoming months. 
Some of the sneaky tactics and tricks an insurance company may use to get you to admit follow or accept a low settlement offer.
How a contingency fee arrangement works with an attorney and how an attorney will not get paid until you do.
How a settlement amount is determined and when you can expect to receive financial recovery.
The resources in this guide are strictly for your knowledge and should not be taken as legal representation. Every case is different, involving different people, different facts and circumstances, and different legal rules to be applied in a wide variety of circumstances.
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One of the core values at Thomas, Godley & Grimes is to provide as much knowledge and education as possible so our clients feel confident that they are making a smart legal decision. This guide is just one of the many ways we ensure our clients are treated like they are family. Before you navigate a personal injury settlement, do yourself a favor and download this free guide.
  • Meet the Attorney,​ Libby Grimes, who will help you through your injuries.
  • Medical Treatment ideas and options for you to get better.
  • Collection Information and photos of the accident.
  • Understand​ how attorneys' fees work.
  • Manage and fix​ the damage to your vehicle.
  • Trial Experience​ if a settlement is rejected.
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